Data migration for a workday implementation across finance, procurement and HR


  • Top ASX 20 company was looking at streamlining its core enterprise functions (Human Resource, Finance, Procurement) by implementing a new Workday ERP platform.
  • Although System integrators provided guidance on system implementation requirements, managing the siloed data landscape across the organisation was a daunting task
  • Functional requirements of the target state ERP and its applicability to organisational business processes were in the process of being defined during the project
  • Client required a fully auditable, transparent and repeatable approach for the data migration to work in a very agile environment


  • Data quality is poor and inconsistently populated
  • Flawed business process resulting in un-reliable data
  • Working with production data that was constantly changing
  • Moving from a decentralized to centralized business processing structure
  • Little to no reporting done by the business and lack of facility to extract data from legacy systems
  • Project timeline was tight and had no provision on doing parallel runs during the transition. Reverting back to legacy systems was not an option.


  • Assist in finalising the data migration strategy and approach.
  • Worked with source system and business subject-matter experts to determine the fit of the current state to the target state data requirements and develop data mapping specifications
  • Assessment and analysis of data gaps, enriched the data quality by introducing supplementary sources and/or establishing new business processes to capture it.
  • Leveraged intuitive technology to perform the primary data migration efforts, including ETL, staging and thorough step by step reconciliations
  • Performed high quality checks during pre-load and post-load before handing-over for business validation and sign-offs.
  • Ensured legal, privacy and security obligations are met by providing detailed data migration documentations and audit logs.

Value Delivered

  • Implemented a successful and transparent organisation wide ERP data migration / implementation for the business.
  • Mitigated the risk of sensitive data spillage and inaccuracy by 100% using a strategic, repeatable, and automated approach together with high quality data governance.
  • Played a critical role in leading and staffing the data migration team across a period of 20 months.
  • Managed the data migration strategy and implementation of the framework, within a high complex data environment and continuously evolving requirements.
  • The project was a resounding success and concluded under budget and adhering to crucial timelines.

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