We’ll help you rapidly source and transform your data into powerful business insights

Why Optivia

We enable our customers with greater data capability. Our objective is always clear: clients should be able to make important and evolving data-driven decisions that benefit their organisations.

We believe that if our clients are able to consistently provide the right answers to the business faster and in smarter ways, they will have greater confidence and assurance in the data and the decisions it fuels.

That’s why we focus on the business question, source and fix the data, engage users with an intuitive analytics layer, and fuel business decisions in a rapid, iterative and collaborative way.

If you’d like to spend more time in high-value analytical work rather than repetitive, inefficient manual processes, we’re the ones you call.

Clients should be able to make important and evolving data-driven decisions that benefit their organisations.

The Optivia Difference


Our people are multifaceted in their skills and experience, so we can build a clear vision of what the solution could be within hours, and then build capability at pace. We’re also generous with our knowledge sharing – so your teams can move faster too.

Powerful tech, smart people

We see way beyond the technology to the business and data problem. Then, we understand the drivers and know what it takes to get an answer. Our methodology provides focus and capability quicker than most, and our tech solutions are so intuitive and agile, they’ll give you value in a snap.


We are always accessible, and can readily understand your business objectives and your perspective, so you get what you need, fast. We take complete ownership of the problem and become an extension of your team, sharing knowledge, being transparent and helping you build internal capability too.


The way we deliver to clients is about more than being competitive. It is about our deep-seated belief in high-quality, fast and impactful work that delivers value. Optivia people live and breathe these principles.


We show you exactly how we did it – no black box or trust us deliverables.  


Optivia creates dependable solutions – accurate, fit-for-purpose and available when you need them.  


We work with you, not just deliver to you. This results in better outcomes you can trust.  


Optivia people rapidly adapt to change in scope or new information, demonstrating flexibility and customer focus.


We strive to equip your people with knowledge, skills and tools to do it themselves.  


We always start by asking what’s best for you, not for ourselves. We stay focused on the best and correct outcome for you, from start to finish.  

From beginning to now

Optivia started life as a Lavastorm partner in 2015. With a collaborative approach and deep understanding of the data and business landscape, it wasn’t long before client demand made it impossible to remain a one-technology shop.

In 2017, Optivia evolved into a data and analytics consultancy, specialising in data engineering and insights delivery complete with a range of technologies for large companies with complex systems and data landscapes.

Since that time, we’ve used a multitude of BI frameworks to solve a number of commercial problems. 


Optivia enables you to access the right data in the right way at the right time. Get in touch today.