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The challenge

Inefficiencies, incorrect or missing data, poor cost visibility… all of these can feel like frustrating roadblocks to progress.

Add to this the uncertainty of what information you need to migrate, and your data project can quickly become a minefield of inaccuracies, piecemeal remediations and patchy operations.

The solution

Whether going through large-scale data modernisation or migrating away from legacy systems, you want the process to be seamless. This means you need:

How we help

Data modernisation

We strengthen the integrity of your data through a collaborative approach that involves both your business and technical teams. As well as legacy system data migration, we integrate, remediate and migrate critical data based on specific requirements, industry standards and regulatory compliance.

Data strategy

We establish a data strategy that optimises your data environment, builds a base for powerful decision-making and promotes a culture of sustainable solutions instead of short-term fixes. This holistic approach delivers long-term success for your team and ensures you only keep the data you operationally and legally need.

Why choose Optivia

Business-focused approach to data modernisation

Our consultants have decades of experience in deploying data and analytics solutions to solve critical business problems. We are experts at combining industry knowledge with cutting-edge analytics tools to deliver seamless transformations.

Collaborative & customer-centric working style

Our team works collaboratively with you, keeping you informed and engaged throughout the data modernisation and migration process. We also help with change management to ensure your systems are readily adopted and can serve their intended purpose.

What our customers say

Optivia enables you to access the right data in the right way at the right time.
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