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Your data problem

Your organisation has the data you need – it just isn’t easily accessible, may not be in a useful structure, and could be incomplete or inaccurate. Whether centralised in a cumbersome, hard-to-analyse data environment, or dispersed in myriad siloed systems, we can help.

Data Discovery and Preparation: What is it?

Your decision making is only as good as the quality and relevance of your data.

Data preparation is the process of sourcing data from various siloed on-premise and cloud systems and consolidating it into a single source. To accomplish this Optivia takes a discovery-based approach, to rapidly locate available data across your enterprise, evaluate its quality and structure, and devise how it can be brought together to answer your specific business question.

The outcome is reliable, fit-for-purpose data sets you can pilot within days and operationalise within weeks. It also gives you the context and confidence to stand by the data and your decisions.

Why do you need it?

Data Discovery drives more efficient and effective Data Preparation, and Data Preparation is the essential precursor to analytics and insight generation.

When done well, it is a bedrock of relevant, complete and reliable data, enabling optimal business decisions to be made with confidence. Done poorly, or not at all, and the result is flawed analysis, misleading or erroneous insights, and, of course, poor business decisions.

Effective data preparation hinges on first discovering and evaluating the potential of the existing data to answer your specific business questions. So much more than a box-ticking exercise, it is a means to unlock value for a business where none previously existed.

The Optivia difference

Optivia’s approach expedites key milestones and delivers accelerated access to data that fits your needs.

The benefits you’ll see: 

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