Deliver greater value in less time with less fuss.

From rapid prototyping to cloud data fabrics which facilitate quick-to-build business logic, we get you fast access to the most relevant insights with the minimum of fuss.


Alteryx powers analytics for all by providing a leading Analytics Automation Platform. Alteryx delivers easy end to end automation of data engineering, analytics, reporting, machine learning, and data science processes, enabling enterprises everywhere to democratise data analytics across their organisations for broad use cases.


Precisely’s Suite of technology platforms delivers a host of sophisticated capabilities, from integration to location intelligence, data quality to data governance, and enrichment to engagement. This extensive range of products enables organisations to improve their decision-making with:

Infogix Data360 Analyze

Infogix’s Data360 suite of tools covering data governance, data analytics and data quality, empower both business and technical users to extract huge value from their corporate data. We particularly like Data360 Analyze due to the:


The Zetaris networked data platform provides an innovative approach to consolidating data across the enterprise. A true disruptor to data warehousing concepts, the platform focuses on a virtual meta data layer which:

Diligent HighBond Platform

As the largest governance, risk and compliance (GRC) SaaS provider in the world, the Diligent suite of products provides businesses with an integrated, company-wide GRC picture powered by sophisticated analytics. Generate audit, risk, information security, ethics and compliance insights from across your organisation and deliver them directly to the CEO, CFO and board.

Tableau CRM

Formerly Einstein Analytics, Tableau CRM provides the next level of capability through strong insights and data visualisation for Salesforce CRM users. Enabling the business to build:


A consistent leader in the in the space of analytics, Tableau helps people and organisations be more data driven through visualisation. We love the platform and it has become a lynchpin in our own growth story. Tableau provides:

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI have upped their game in the visualisation space. A visualisation tool that integrates seamlessly within Microsoft ecosystem and empowers organisations to create a data driven culture with business intelligence for all. The Power BI platform is:


Innovative AI powered problem-solving platform designed to apply advanced modelling to solve the most complex challenges for organisations. Best of all ultimately draw actionable insights and identify root causes in a language you can understand. The platform:

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