Expertly presented data that’s easy to read, analyse and act on.

Business analytics and insights discovery

Accelerate the process of insight discovery. Take an exploratory approach to analytics, using break-through technologies.

Data science and advanced analytics can now uncover a whole new perspective – patterns emerge, insights reveal themselves, and hypotheses are quickly proven or dismissed. Your people are able to find out what is happening, and then rapidly explore why and how it’s happening, so they can make the most impactful decisions. 

But a discovery-based data analytics capability gives you more than just the answers to the questions you have today – it leads to further discovery – additional opportunities that can be realised for better business outcomes. 

Data visualisation and insights delivery

A picture can paint a thousand words. An interactive visual of your data can tell you the entire story.

With approximately 65% of the population being visual learners, it makes sense that data can tell a more meaningful story if we can actually see it.

The more readable your data, the more your people adopt, use and leverage insights to your commercial advantage. But not all data visualisation is created equal – and incompetent presentation can lead to misinterpretation of the data.

Optivia approaches data visualisations as an artform as well as a technical skill – the right blend of results in intuitive layouts, with large amounts of information communicated in small spaces, spotlighting what’s most important with ease of interpretation.

Data consultancy and advisory

What if you want to build your own capability, just need some advice, or the help of an experienced expert to design a solution with you?

Many of our customers already have their own analytics and insights team.  We support them with guidance and niche expertise on data strategies, offer advice on capability uplift, and design solutions for their people to build.

We have other customers with no or limited existing capability, but are concerned by the costs or risks of long-term dependency on third parties. 

With a partnering mindset as one of our core values, we believe in customer enablement and can help you become more self-sufficient:

  • Our collaborative approach means we deliver with you, not to you, and our work is transparent so you can see how we did it
  • We can show you how to use our preferred technologies, chosen for their ease of use
  • Teach you how to build beautiful and compelling dashboards using human centred design principles

Business analytics and insights are essential

When you and your people need to make strong, fast decisions based on facts, a business insights and analytics function is invaluable. Advanced analytics can power your insights, and the addition of a visual interface engages your people who can now understand those insights in a more effective and efficient way. 

Optivia has the technical and business expertise to apply the right intuitive technologies to facilitate your team’s data-driven decisions. 

At Optivia we believe that visualising complex and large scale data is both an art form and technical skill - both essential in producing effective dashboards.

Business analytics and insights are essential

The Optivia difference

Optivia always starts with the end in mind – so we will understand what your business is trying to do before suggesting a solution.

We collaborate with clients to rapidly prototype solutions then refine, which results in faster delivery as well as client understanding of the solution and its purpose. That’s why our tried and tested methodology is so valuable – we discover, pilot, execute and enable in the time it takes most others to plan.

And, of course, our visualisations are compelling, but more than that, they answer the questions they need to.

The result?

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