specialised business consulting services

Increase the value of your information, analytics and processes with our experienced team of business consultants.

What makes Optivia’s business consultants different?

At Optivia, we handpick each of our people because they demonstrate a fundamental skillset that goes beyond the typical data consultant to focus on the business context first and foremost. This is because we believe an in-depth understanding of how your company operates and your business goals and challenges is essential to providing the best strategic recommendations.

Our specialised business consultants use an agile framework to quickly uncover the complexities and nuances of your business, engage with your stakeholders, bridge the technical and non-technical elements of your data project, and deliver a successful result for all involved.

Our approach to business consulting supports your unique requirements by ensuring our recommendations are comprehensive, timely and relevant to your company.

How we solve your business challenges

The enterprise data environment is increasingly complex. Creating a strategic plan that incorporates all business goals, stakeholders and requirements for your project can be challenging and laborious. Optivia’s business consulting services can help you:

1. Clearly define your business goals

We gather all your mission-critical requirements and collate them into a business plan to present to your stakeholders. From there, we help ensure that your data strategy is aligned with your business goals at every phase of the project.

2. Gain more insights from your data

Internal business and technical teams are often siloed in enterprises. Our business consultants engage teams from different departments to understand your data landscape better. This lets us leverage your data to inform strategic decision-making for your C-Suite and operations teams.

3. Invest in continuous improvement

We help you develop a best-fit operating model through ongoing iterations and ensure stakeholder buy-in throughout your project. With our support, you will continue to realise value from your data for years to come.

How our business consultants add value throughout the project cycle

Business Analyst Infographic

Benefits of working with us

Connect the dots by looking at the big picture

  • Strategic thinkers who play a centralised role in your project
  • Collaborative approach to defining your business goals and solution

Manage change and align stakeholders

  • Comprehensive methodology to achieving stakeholder buy-in
  • Focus on meeting diverse needs and expectations across your business

Experience on-the-ground agility

  • Fast and flexible supplementation of your business teams
  • Rapidly adaptable to changing business requirements

What our customers say

The Optivia difference

At Optivia, we are agile, collaborative and transparent. Everything we do is underscored by a data-focused approach. We ask the nitty-gritty, data-related questions and own the business problems to strategically execute a successful data project. Our business consulting services are designed to help you avoid going down the wrong path and getting an unsuccessful outcome.

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