On-demand webinar: Data mesh & virtualisation

Unlock the true value of your business information

How to gain rapid, agile and affordable access to your business data

Data is the bedrock for modern business decision-making. Yet, gaining instant access to accurate and reliable organisational data can be difficult. Adaptive data mesh and data virtualisation can offer a practical solution to this problem. 

Data mesh is a new concept that’s quickly gaining traction as an alternative or complementary solution to data warehouses. Bolstered by virtualisation, data mesh can integrate siloed information quickly and simply. 

In this on-demand webinar with our technology partner, Zetaris, we uncover key insights into how these data capabilities can help you make more informed business decisions – now and in the future. You’ll learn:

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Your hosts

Richard Fraccaro

Richard Fraccaro

Principal Consultant, Optivia

Richard has 20+ years’ experience as a leader in data and analytics strategic transformations. He has a people-centric passion to empower teams and organisations through data.

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Jack Steele

Chief Product and Community Officer, Zetaris

Jack Steele is the Chief Product and Community Officer at Zetaris. He has a wealth of practical experience from building leading data capabilities for companies in Australia and around the world.