Driving strategic growth through identifying high-value clients

Identifying high-value customers to drive high-value growth

Deliverables Establish a capability that enables agile, explorative, integration of data from any data source and supports a process for production deployment into the firm’s system (Cognos). Develop a holistic customer view that supports the delivery of client-centric insights for every area of the business. Develop statistical modelling to identify drivers for high-value work and […]

How Optivia’s Business Analysts helped inform a Unified Data Store Implementation

How Optivia's business analysts helped inform a Unified Data Store implementation

Deliverables Gathered business, functional and non functional requirements for the project and liaised with both business and technical stakeholders. Devised a list of use cases informed by an assessment of the company’s pre-project state. Implemented business rules applicable to multiple business departments to build a standardised way of ingesting data across the company. Shortlisted vendors […]