Optimised data-driven approach empowers this TelCo to further its responsible business mission

Optimised data-driven approach empowers this TelCo to further its responsible business mission


As a large organisation with a broad customer base, this leading Australian telecommunications company needed to ensure that they were effectively catering to their vulnerable customers facing financial or personal hardships, those living within remote communities, or those who required a higher level of service and care. To achieve this, they needed detailed insights that could help them manage their customers’ needs with precision.

Having worked with Optivia before, this telecommunications company chose to engage Optivia again to help them develop a data model that could effectively monitor the performance of key operational processes owned by the data and insights team. The model would also need to integrate a broader perspective of the customer through other data points, such as calls, complaints, purchases and so forth.

With increased visibility and insights into how they were currently meeting their customers’ requirements, the company hoped to be better positioned to identify and support their vulnerable customers even before they reached out for help. This would help them achieve their goal of servicing the entire Australian community, avoiding leaving anyone behind.

The challenge

Given the complexity of their data ecosystem, one of the main challenges for this company was integrating data from various sources in a way that was seamless, ensured the reliability of the information and enabled robust reporting. In other words, they needed to find a controlled and agile way to gather accurate, real-time data for in-depth analytics and decision-making.

This was crucial not only for providing customised solutions but also for fulfilling regulatory obligations. The telecommunications company was committed to maintaining and improving their responsible business practices by identifying and supporting customers in need, even before they explicitly sought help.

“We needed complete visibility into how we were meeting our customers’ requirements to better understand how we could meet them where they are, rather than making them come forward,” said the Group Owner of the project.

“Despite having existing skillsets and knowledge in our own team, we recognised that we didn’t have all the necessary resources to tackle the project alone. So we re-engaged Optivia for their extensive expertise, domain knowledge and diverse capabilities to bridge these gaps and help our company achieve our objectives.”

The solution

Optivia played a pivotal role in assisting the telecommunications company in the implementation of advanced data and analytics models to measure and deliver a significantly enhanced customer experience.

By leveraging our technical expertise and specific business knowledge, Optivia were able to produce repeatable and practical analytical processes to connect a wide array of data points. This has helped facilitate the rapid identification and resolution of issues as customers interact with the company, thereby ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning tools were also integrated to identify customers who had not yet engaged with the warning-signal processes. This enables the company to be more precise and proactive in providing higher levels of support and care when needed, rather than relying on customers to explicitly inform the company of their needs.

“There’s an underlying level of trust and understanding when we work with Optivia. They work through the problem with us and make the whole process more efficient. Our interactions are always so positive”

The outcome

With access to future-fit data, insights and AI capabilities, the company is able to fulfill their commitment to inclusivity and better service the Australian community, including developing special products and bespoke services tailored to their customers’ needs.

“We came to Optivia with the idea of what we were trying to build and achieve, and they provided the best, most logical way forward,” said the Group Owner.

“They’ve enabled us to progress further and more quickly than we otherwise imagined in building out the machine learning and AI overlays. They had the right analytical and data-related skills that we needed to fill the gaps, and they’ve been really collaborative in working as part of our team.”

“It’s an ongoing project, but it’s already delivered value for us. We also already have other projects in the pipeline with the Optivia team.”

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