Strategic executive dashboard reporting to steer informed actions


  • One of the biggest telecommunication companies in Australia has set up a plan to radically simplify and digitise their business – they have set big initiatives and wanted to track how they are progressing towards their goals.
  • However, there is no single version of truth when discussing each team/mission’s performance
  • Company initiatives were being mothballed or promoted without sufficient evidence of success/failure, significantly impacting company direction


  • Critical business data are currently stored across separate systems creating information silos with varying data maturity – from manually refreshed excel files to near real-time data streams.
  • Most of these goals are ever-evolving (i.e. target changes, the need to break a metric to a more detailed view, etc.)
  • Most importantly, some of these goals are not even measurable.


  • Define strategic requirements and develop new appropriate measurable metrics to meet the business requirements
  • Developing data pipelines and complex ETL layer to consolidate data across the organisation to a comprehensive and accurate analytical data set
  • Creating a centralized view of the company’s performance, presented with an effective visualization that encourages exploration and the drawing of insights
  • Working closely with each SME to understand its goals to create more fitting visualizations and commentary if required
  • Re-evaluating goals with SMEs to identify if what they’ve plan is a measurable indicator of their success, or a milestone they have to reach.
  • Manage lines of data ingestion and building future-fit data structure for integrating different data streams

Value Delivered

  • Ability to assess performance of planned initiatives against agreed milestones and KPI’s across the organisation in a single view
  • Leveraging on visual analysis to help users to process data and information more rapidly
  • Generating high adoption and uptake on the Executive level reporting
  • Helping uplift maturity of data sources

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