How Optivia helped a top ASX 20 company with their data migration

How Optivia helped a top ASX 20 company with their data migration

Deliverables Implemented a successful and transparent organisation-wide ERP data migration Managed the data migration strategy and implementation of the framework Mitigated the risk of sensitive data spillage and inaccuracy by 100% Enriched the data quality by introducing supplementary sources and establishing new capture processes Led and staffed the data migration team over 20 months One […]

How Optivia helped a large energy retailer transform its price-setting process

Energy retailer case study

Deliverables Provided a reliable and repeatable framework for uploading data into the new pricing platform Enabled greater accuracy in the price-setting process through advanced analytics and complex data engineering Developed complex data models to transform and aggregate the large volumes of data Built dashboards providing relevant and timely business insights based on consolidated datasets One […]

Strategic executive dashboard reporting to steer informed actions

Data visualisation

Situation One of the biggest telecommunication companies in Australia has set up a plan to radically simplify and digitise their business – they have set big initiatives and wanted to track how they are progressing towards their goals. However, there is no single version of truth when discussing each team/mission’s performance Company initiatives were being […]